PTFE Cables: An Overview

PTFE (Poly Tetra Flouro Ethylene) Cables are high performance Industrial Cables. They are resistant to organic fluids, fuel, acids and chemicals and deliver high performance even at high or extremely low temperature. Generally marketed as Teflon Cables, PTFE Cables are used in a number of industrial segments owing to their exceptional physical properties. Some of the industrial segments they are widely used in include chemical, marine, pharmaceutical and construction industries.

Properties Of PTFE Insulation:

  • Resistance to ultra violet radiation
  • Resistance to fungus and mould growth
  • Non-toxic and resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Weather resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Chemical resistance

Application Areas:
PTFE Cables are considered the best choice for industrial, military, aerospace and commercial electronics. As they are corrosion resistant and durable, PTFE Cables are considered suitable for applications in chemical, petroleum and textile industries. The typical applications areas of PTFE Cables are:

  • Steel plants
  • Electronic appliances
  • Chemical & fertilizers industries and support industries
  • Instrumentation of power projects
  • Engineering industries and aligned sectors

Besides, these cables are also used for various temperature related applications such as floor heating, temperature control, etc.

Types Of PTFE Wires & Cables
PTFE Wires & Cables are available in different variants. Depending on particular application, PTFE Wires & Cables having single core, twisted core or multi cores can be chosen. Besides, there are unscreened or screened sheathed PTFE Wires & Cables too. Certain variants come with twisted pairs. Below-mentioned are the commonly used PTFE Wires & Cables:

  • PTFE Insulated Heating Wires
  • PTFE High Voltage Cables
  • PTFE Equipment Wires
  • PTFE Multi Core Cables

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