A Complete Guide To Fire Resistant Cables

fire Cable
fire Cable

With many new advancements happening in the world every day, more and more new products are being introduced & newer technology is being developed to satisfy the innumerable requirements of people. Fire Resistant Cables are one such significant result of the constant innovation that is happening all around.

Why Fire Resistant Cables Are Essential In Today’s Environment?
Nowadays almost everything is mechanized & getting more and more hi-tech each day. Electricity plays a big role in keeping everything functioning in a smooth manner. And it is only logical that where there is electricity, there are bound to be potential fire hazards too. A fire or explosion can cause irrevocable damage to human life as well as property. In industrial units & manufacturing factories, the safety hazards are twice than that found elsewhere, & as such needs effective safeguards like – Fire Resistant Cables. With crores of rupees invested in stock, equipment, machinery & factory space, it is essential that effective precautions are taken to safeguard all this. Fire Resistant Cables is the perfect solution to prevent fire hazards.

Application Areas Of The Fire Resistant Cables
Fire Resistant Cables are used in numerous applications across the industry, especially in places where it imperative that the system keeps functioning always, like in hospitals, metros, lifts, etc. To be more specific – Fire alarm systems, Control Systems, Fire Exhaust Equipment, Fume Extraction Fans, Lift Smoke Exhaust, Emergency Plug Socket, Emergency Power Supply, Smoke and Fire Shutter Emergency, Emergency Announcing Equipment, Emergency guide lamps, Hydrant Equipment, Public Announcement Systems, etc.

Some Features Of Fire Resistant Cables
Ø In case of fire, the Fire Resistant Cables will ensure that there is little or no emission of Acid Gas & smoke (incase the cables come in contact with fire), which can cause further harm & hamper evacuation measures.
Ø Fire Resistant Cables maintain circuit integrity even in case the cables come in contact with the fire, thus ensuring that energy supply systems, alarms & emergency lighting, etc. keep working.
Ø The Fire Resistant Cables usually are coated with flame retardants which inhibit the fire & prevent it from spreading further.

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