High Voltage Cables & Their Different Types


Cables are an important entity in the lives of human today. With life becoming more and more hi-tech with each passing day, cables also have undergone a remarkable change since the first time they were introduced. Of the many innovations that have happened, the development of High Voltage Cables is one that is of much significance. The High Voltage Cables are used for numerous applications, where the typical cables are not capable of providing optimum performance. These High Voltage Cables have a better insulation cover, which ensures better protection from environmental elements as well as leakage.

Types Of High Voltage Cables
Ø Instrumentation Cables –
Instrumentation Cables are a prime example of a type of High Voltage Cable, which is used in a number of applications, some of which include – Data Communication Systems, Process Control Systems, Computer Networking, Switching System Equipment, Digital Control/Measuring & so on. Vital sectors like oil and gas, aerospace, power, etc. make extensive use of the Instrumentation Cables.

Ø X-Ray Cables –
These types of High Voltage Cables are used by the X-Ray machines as well as other similar scientific equipment. The X-Ray Cables can effectively handle high voltage electricity & prevent any electrical discharges.

Ø Power Transmission Cables –
Without the High Voltage Power Cables, life would have been indeed very tough for most people today. The internet, the domestic/commercial power supply, television & all other means of home entertainment are dependent on Power Transmission Cables for efficient functioning.

Ø High Voltage Cables In The Automotive Industry
High Voltage Power Cables are used for numerous applications in the Automotive Industry. From trains, to cars, to other kinds of heavy duty vehicles, all make use of High Voltage Power Cables. With new technology & developments of newer models of vehicles, the use of High Voltage Cables has become unavoidable.

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