Information About Submersible Pump Cables

6 sqmm submersible pump cable

Submersible Pump Cables can be defined as those electrical cables that find application in deep wet ground. Consisting of copper conductors, these Submersible Pump Cables are especially designed to survive the different kinds of environmental conditions.

The Submersible Pump Cables are mainly used to provide current to a submersible pump. These types of electrical cables are ideal in places where repetitive handling is not required by the pump-unit service. Depending on the kind of application, the Submersible Pump Cables can be used in varied sizes, grades and other specifications.

The Different Types Of Submersible Pump Cables:
Majorly, the Submersible Pump Cables are categorized as PVC 3 & 4 Insulated Cables, Rubber 3 & 4 Core Cables, HO7RN-F Cables and AWG Cables. Amongst these types, the PVC 3 & 4 cables as well as Rubber 3 & 4 cables are available in flat and round forms. The PVC 3 core flat Submersible Pump Cables are considered best to be used in submersible pumps that are installed in deep wells. Besides, all types of Submersible Pump Cables find application in varied industrial segments for applications comprising mine dewatering, seawater handling, drilling and pumping of borehole, irrigation systems and many more.

The Requirements Of Ideal Submersible Pump Cables:
Given that the Submersible Pump Cables find application in harsh conditions, they must be designed accordingly to serve the purpose. These types of cables must be made from the materials that can cope well with heat, moisture, fluctuating pressures, abrasion, chemicals, grease, etc. The Submersible Pump Cables should have high strength as well as superb electrical & mechanical properties.

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