Overview Of Welding Cables

Different types of Wires and Cables having dissimilar insulation and strand counts are available in the market. Each type of cable has specific properties and application. Talking specifically about Welding Cables, they connect earth clamp and electrode holder to power source. They have rubber insulation and are typically available in black and red colors.

Properties Of Welding Cables:

  • They perform well in dry, wet and coarse conditions as well as extreme temperatures.
  • They are durable and resistant to flame propagation.
  • They have high mechanical strength
  • They can withstand flame, harsh chemicals. oil, sparks, tar and grease.
  • They remain unaffected by polar organic compounds.
  • They are flexible as compared to other cables.

Typically, Welding Cables are meant for transmitting high voltage current from heavy-duty electric welding equipment to welding tool. They are crucial Industrial Cables having application areas such as:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Spot welding machines
  • Assembly lines
  • Welding stingers
  • Machine tool
  • Ship building
  • Bus Welding Boxes

Buying Considerations:
Welding Cables come in different capacities and other technical specifications. Prior to finalizing a purchasing decision, buyers must thoroughly analyze the application requirements. Also, adequate research must be done about the Welding Cables Manufacturer or Supplier. It must be ensured beforehand that whether they adhere by GMP (good manufacturing practice) or do their Welding Cables comply with the requisite quality standards.

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