General Information About Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cable is one of the most commonly used Power Cables. On the whole, Coaxial Cable is used for transmitting electrical energy from one location to another (such as from a transmitter to an antenna) connecting a particular source to the load. Coaxial Cable comes with different power transmission capacities for diverse high frequency as well as temperature range applications.

The Making And The Identification Of Coaxial Cable:
A Coaxial Cable is made of two conductors that are divided by a dielectric substance. Both, the interior conductor as well as the outer conductor are configured in a manner that they form concentric tubes having a common axis. Consequently, the name of the cable is Co-axial Cable. Any Coaxial Cable can be identified on the basis of its impedance or RG-type.

The Properties Of Coaxial Cable:
Coaxial Cable is well-known for its excellent mechanical, electrical and physical properties. These properties play a major role in deciding the quality of a Coaxial Cable.

Talking about the Electrical Property, in a Coaxial Cable it is referred to as Impedance. Impedance can be understood as the overall resistance to the gush of electrical energy inside the cable. Impedance is an intricate value depicted by the inductance, conductance, resistance and capacitance of the cable.

Speaking about the physical properties, the Dimensions of the Coaxial Cable denote its quality and also the fact that whether or not it meets the specified industry standards. The odd sized dimensions of the Coaxial Cable imply its inferiority. The diameter of the interior core, conductor, and outer jacket (material) determine the efficiency of Coaxial Cable.

The Coaxial Cable has good Thermal Properties. It is owing to these properties that the Coaxial Cable does not melt, break, or deform and there is no fear of sudden electrical failures.

Because of the excellent attributes, Coaxial Cable is considered a good choice for connecting measurement electronics, home video equipment, radio networks, long distance telephone lines, ham radio setups, television networks, etc.

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