Submersible Cables: Choose Wisely When You Need Electricity Underwater

Submersible Cables are cables which can be easily fitted in underground water. If the water level turns out to be 500 meters down or may be more than that, then in such situations, Submersible Cables are the only option which can withstand abrasions. Submersible Cables are specially constructed for handling underwater pressure. These cables are heavily used in ships and water tankers to power submersible pumps. They are also used to generate electrical power in wells, dewatering tanks or reservoirs for maintaining a smooth water supply.

The use of Submersible Cables depends on the area where they have to be laid. Different kind of Submersibles Pumps requires different kinds of cables, hence one cable cannot be used everywhere.

Different Kinds Of Submersible Cables

  • Cables used in dewatering tanks or sewer systems are powered through PVC3 cord and PVC4 cord type of Submersible Cables. These cords do not get affected by abrasions, acidic fluids and all forms of toxic chemicals. These cords are made up of 3 solid or stranded bare copper conductors. In addition, they also have twisted conductors in them which are coiled up to 3-4 times. PVC3 and PVC4 can operate on 600 Volts of electricity with temperature ranging from -40 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius.
  • Similarly cables attached to water pumps at 500 meters depth are Rubber3 core and Rubber4 core are flat Submersible Cords. These cables contain an outer layer made of thermoplastic rubber so that they can easily withstand the adverse effects of oil and water. The inner layer of cable is specially constructed for inner core protection. The greatest benefit of using these cables is that they can handle shocks and fluctuations in water easily. These cables are used generally in the tanks placed in deep fresh water or salt water.
  • Cables used in pumps for fresh water supply are different from the above types. These cables are built with non poisonous metal but they give an appearance like those designed with vulcanized rubber. These fresh water cables contain outer coating of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) which prevents these cables from abrasion.

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