Buying Power And Control Cables

lt control solid copper cables

Power and Control Cables are widely used for the carrying out numerous industrial processes across multiple sectors. While the major function of the Power Cables is the transmission of the electric power, the Control Cables are mainly used to transmit signals that eventually control different aspects of the power transmission. The Power and Control Cables should be installed only after having proper confirmation of the fact that the requirements are being met effectively.

Some of the things that are to be kept in the mind while selecting the Power and Control Cables are as follows:

  • Maximum Voltage Loads
  • Level Of Power To Be Transmitted
  • Current Carrying Capacity
  • Voltage Drop Level
  • Insulation level
  • Frequency Of Power/Signal Transmission
  • Ability To Withstand Mechanical, Thermal Or Chemical Stress

Some other important criteria include voltage grade, successive length, cable size, international standard marks and year of manufacture. The older Power and Control Cables are not suitable owing to their below-par performance and potential safety hazards. The fire safety measures, packaging standards and other factors should also be duly considered before purchasing the Power and Control Cables. Resistance to natural elements (like moisture, temperature, etc) is yet another factor that needs to be considered. The Power and Control Cables should be capable of delivering efficient performance in wet as well as dry conditions, whether installed above the ground or below.

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