A Comprehensive Guide On Welding Cables

Welding Cables are the high performance Industrial Cables that are specially designed for welding tools and accessories. What makes these Cables highly functional in industrial segments such as automotives, electrical industry, etc. is their typical configuration which is essentially the reason for their excellent properties.

Properties Of Welding Cables:
Below-mentioned are some of the properties that make Welding Cables the indispensable Industrial Cables:

  • These types of cables are extremely resistant to chemicals, light and mechanical damage.
  • They maintain their flexibility irrespective of the type of environment they are used in.
  • These Cables don’t get damaged due to light, solvents, petrol, oil, etc.
  • They are resistant to flame propagation and that’s why can be used in dry as well as damp conditions; indoors and outdoors.
  • The Welding Cables are also resistant to abrasion and have good color retention capacity.
  • Another specialty of Welding Cables is that they are weather resistant. They don’t crack in cold temperature (generally down to -58°F) as well as don’t deform in high temperature (typically up to 140°F).

Applications Of Welding Cables:

  • Welding Cables are majorly used for the transmission of high voltage currents from electric welding machines to welding tool.
  • They are specially designed Industrial Cables highly suitable to be used in rough conditions on conveyor systems and assembly lines.
  • The Welding Cables are flexible enough to be used in machine tool, ship building, etc.
  • They are also ideal for automatically as well as manually operated line and spot welding machines.
  • Welding Cables can specifically be used where for connections from clamp and electrode holder to bus, arc welder, transformer or welding box.

Current Carrying Capacity & Duty Cycle Of Welding Cables:
Typically, the capacity of Welding Cables to carry current depends on the duration of the duty cycle. Duty cycle can be defined as the span of time during which the laden current runs through the cable over the functioning period of at least 5 minutes, articulated as the percentage of that particular period. For instance, if the current is running for 5 minutes, the duty cycle would be 100%. In case, the current is running for 1 minute then the duty cycle would be 20% and so on.

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