An Introduction to Twisted Pair Cables

unshielded twisted pair cable

Internet and mobile communication have become an integral part of our lives with time. And in both of these applications, communication channel is an important component. However, it may include transmission line and Cable, wave guide, free space propagation, etc. Twisted Pair Cables have been used since a long time in telephone and computer communication networks. However, Coaxial and optical fiber Cables can be used for handling higher frequency signals but only with minimal interference. Hence, Twisted Pair Cables were used to transmit high signals even with electromagnetic interference.

All electronic devices emit electromagnetic energy. This energy can cause interference in other devices leading to data loss, equipment malfunction and picture quality degradation. To avoid these situations, twisted pair cables are often used for transmission. Twisted Pair Cables are constructed by twisting two conductors of a single circuit. They are twisted together and shielded for canceling out the electromagnetic interference from other external sources.

As the shielding of Twisted Pair Cables is made of metal, it can be used as a ground too. The shielding can be provided either to the group of parts or individual parts. If shielding is done on a group of individual parts then it is known as screening. Some of the common types of shielding are listed below.

  • Shielded Twisted Pair
  • Screened Twisted Pair
  • Screened Shielded Twisted Pair
  • Shielded Foiled Twisted Pair

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