Factors for Choosing Cable For Network System

A transmission medium is necessary to connect two or more computers as network system. And, the quality of every network system is highly dependent on it. Solid and composite wire Cables are most commonly used for electrical and electronic transmission. Several types of Cable are used as transmission media in network systems. These include coaxial, fiber optical Cables and unshielded twisted-pair. While choosing cabling for a network, there are several factors that should be considered such as cost, expansion capabilities, signal attenuation, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and bandwidth.

Each network system has different needs and in order to fulfill it, each Cable has different specification. These specifications also affect the factors mentioned. Hence, it is very necessary to take note of all the cabling system factors while building a network system to meet any cabling requirements of any organization.

Factors for Choosing Cable for Network System

  • Bandwidth – Bandwidth represents the amount of information that can be transferred at one time. Hence, greater the Cable’s bandwidth, faster the information transferred through it.
  • Signal attenuation– The capability of the Cable to transfer information up to specific distances without any distortion. A Cable with greater signal attenuation helps the Cable to transfer information without requiring any equipment to boost electric signal.
  • Electromagnetic Interference –EMI from equipment such as fluorescent lights, photocopiers, etc. may disrupt transmission across networks. Some Cables that can easily withstand EMI are helpful in such situation.
  • Expansion Capabilities -The expansion capability of any network is dependent on the ease of installation of Cable and its need for additional equipment.
  • Cost – The cost that the Cables for building a network system is very important point to consider.

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