Knowing About the Types of Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cables are designed keeping in mind today’s wide bandwidth needs and requirement for signals to be transferred over long distances with minimal degradation. They comprise of four components namely copper wire, insulation, copper mesh and outside insulation respectively. They find their major application in the field of networking and radio frequency transmission. Over the time, many types of Coaxial Cables have evolved keeping in mind the challenges of bandwidth and noise immunity; some of the common types of Coaxial Cables are listed down below.

Types Of Coaxial Cable

  • RG-8– It has a very rugged design carrying several layers of dielectric material and shielding over the core conductor. The central copper conductor has a diameter of about 2.17 mm with a frequency range of 500 MHz making it suitable for radio transmission. 
  • Twinaxial– It consists of two aluminum or copper braids parted by an insulating material. It has a pair of plastic coated solid conductor at the core carrying two electrical voltages making it suitable to fulfill the transmission and reception requirements. It is commonly used in computer networking environments.
  • Triaxial– It consists of three protective shields for the single copper conductor at the core. These shields increase the efficiency of cable decreasing the amount of signal leakage and external noise interference. It is highly suitable for electronic applications that require minimum electromagnetic interference during transmission.
  • Semi-rigid– It is an inflexible cable having a solid conductor that covers the insulator packed internal conductor. It is widely used in applications that require a collection of microwave signals on a physical medium such as long-haul data links.

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