Control Cables Information

control cable

Control Cable is most appropriate cable which is used for process automation. being highly flexible, Control Cables can be used with a variety of electronic items. This multimode cable is generally made up of Class 5 copper conductors and galvanized steel so as to avoid mechanical fault. Moreover these Control Cables are strongly enhanced with PVC insulation, bedding and transparent PVC sheath. With the help of this transparent sheath any break, damage or corrosion can be easily detected in the cable.

There are various kinds of Control Cables available in the market- Round Wire Control Cable, Flat Strip Armoured Control Cables, etc. To know more about Control Cables let us discuss few of them in detail:

  • PVC Control Cables – This cable, due to its flexibility, is used for medium mechanical stresses. The PVC Control Cables can operate in dry, moist and wet surroundings. They are used in air conditioners, conveyor belts, etc. PVC compounds in the cable assure elasticity. Also, PVC Control Cables are easy to install & are economical compared to other alternatives.
  • PUR Control Cables – It has 600 V cable rating and is used extensively in machine tools, control system, joining of control panels, machines and various other industrial equipment. Highly resistant to mineral oils, synthetic oils, UV radiation, water based coolants, they can very well adapt any kind of dry, wet, moist or outdoor surroundings.
  • Special PVC Control Cables – The black colored PVC cable is mainly in demand in South-European, Eastern and Arabian countries. The cable is not at all suitable for underwater applications.
  • Single Core Cables – These highly flexible Control Cables are mostly used in drag chains. The cable is generally demanded by exporting industries, robot designing and for other automated machinery parts. 
  • Special PUR Cables – This Control Cable is characterized by high abrasion and tear resistant qualities. It is resistant to coolant emulsions and mineral oils and microbes. The cable can be applied to diverse temperature ranging between -40 to 80 degree Celsius.

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