Selecting the right Power Cables for Industrial & Home Applications

Imagine a world without electric power! You won’t be able to, and where there is electric power it needs to be transmitted for operating the devices at the other end. This power transmission is achieved my means of Power Cables. Power Cables find use in industries, distribution network of power utilities, in mines, etc. But not just any Power Cable will be suitable for any application. There are specifics that need to be taken into account while selecting the Power Cables; a list of those factors is given below.

Factors Determining The Suitability Of Power Cables
Primarily, the installation conditions and requirements need to be figured in and depending upon the analysis the following factors should be considered.

  • The strength of power to be transmitted and accordingly, the current carrying capacity of the cable.
  • The levels of mechanical, thermal and chemical influence, the particular grade of Power Cable is designed to withstand.
  • It is very important from safety aspects to consider the permissible short-circuit admittance of the cable.
  • What are the ratings for maximum voltage load and allowable voltage drop? This is one of the crucial properties that need to be taken into account.

These were some of the specifics that cannot be overlooked while selecting Power Cables. Besides, it is equally important to know the exact conditions in which the cables will be installed; whether it is indoor, outdoor, underground or in water will play a defining role in selection process.

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