Different Types of Cables And Their Uses

Solar Cable

Depending on the nature of application, different types of Cables can be used. Cables are majorly categorized on the basis of their make. For instance, there are single-conductor cables as well as multi-conductor cables that find application in different circumstances. Continue reading to know in detail about the different types of Cables used in domestic, commercial and industrial set ups.

Aluminum Cables:
Aluminum Cables are a type of Electrical Cable that is extensively used. These types of Cables are known for high electrical conductivity. The Aluminum Cables are ductile, light weight, non-magnetic and can be used for several heavy-duty applications. Furthermore, the silver-white metal of Aluminum Cables is reflective to heat and can be recycled also. The application areas of these types of cables include electric lights, telephone lines, and motors.

Copper Cables:
Copper Cables are a widely used Electrical Cable that are utilized in a number of industrial segments, the major ones being mining, electronics, transportation, and telecommunication. The Copper Cables specifically used in telecommunication sector are known as Telecommunication Cables. Just like the Aluminum Cables, Copper Cables have high electrical conductivity and are ductile, lightweight and flexible. Largely, the Copper Cables find application in microwave ovens, integrated circuits, electromagnets, electrical bus bars, electrical switches, etc.

Industrial Cables:
Industrial Cables are especially designed to withstand extreme temperatures and find application in sectors such as chemical plants, oil refineries, aviation, pharmaceutical companies, etc. The Industrial Cables offer great resistance to oil, grease, chemicals, & flames, etc. Some commonly used types of Industrial Cables include Coaxial Cables, Armored Shielded Instrumentation Cables, Control Cables and several other Industrial Power Cables.

Fiber Optical Cables:
Fiber Optical Cables are made of one or more translucent fibers which are sheathed in a protective jacket. These types of Cables can be categorized as Simplex Fiber Optical Cables, Duplex Fiber Optical Cables and Multi-Fiber Optical Cables. The Simplex Fiber Optical Cables have one optical fiber. Similarly, the Duplex Cables have two optical fibers and the Multi-Fiber Cables have several optical fibers. Fiber Optic Cables are mainly used in telecommunications and computer networks.

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