Tips To Buy Solar Cable

Solar Cables are used as an interconnection cable in photovoltaic power generation. Solar panels and other components of the photovoltaic system are interconnected using Solar Cables. The Solar Cables are UV resistant and can bear harsh weather conditions. Solar Cables are mostly laid outdoors and they have the capacity to function properly in extreme temperatures.

Nowadays, many factories and offices have their own photovoltaic systems, on which the power supply needs of the whole factory or office relies. A  small error in any part of this system, even in the Solar Cables, may shut down the supply in the whole system and can result in tremendous loss. Therefore, selecting a properly functioning Solar Cable is an important aspect that needs to be considered. Following are few tips that you must consider while selecting Solar Cables:

  • Solar Cables that you select must be of high-grade material. Solar Cables made from low quality material may not function as efficiently as the ones made with high-grade material.
  • The material used for making Solar Cables must be sunlight-resistant, corrosion-resistant and must be protected against agents like water and dust.
  • The Solar Cables that you are selecting should also be resistant from flame, oil, UV and ozone.
  • The Solar Cables should also be free from halogen and should be flame retardant so as to prevent fire.
  • The Solar Cables that you select for installation must comply with EC Low-Voltage Directives.
  • The material that is used for making Solar Cables must be flexible enough to facilitate easy installation.

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