Cable Wires: Types And Uses

Generally, a Cable Wire is defined as the combination of two or more wires that run along each with other and are twisted or braided together. This way, the collection of the wires functions as a single unit, which is obviously called the Cable Wire. The Cable Wires are important products, whether we evaluate their importance mechanically or electrically. The mechanical Cable Wire is the Wire Rope, which is used for lifting purposes. The other kind of Cable Wires are called Power Cables, which are primarily used for transmission of electric currents.

Types Of Cable Wires
Some of the major types of the Cable Wires are as follows:
·    Electrical Cables – These kinds of cables are used for carrying electric currents.
·    Mechanical Cables – Also known as Wire Ropes, these are used for lifting, transportation and towing of material.
·    Twisted Cables – Such cables comprise of conductor pairs twisted together.
·    Fiber Optics – Major use of Fiber Optics is in the medical field and is capable of transferring data with remarkable speed.
·    Coaxial Cables – Coaxial Cables basically comprises of two conductors which are separated by dielectric material.
·    Multi Conductors – There are different types of conductors which are protected by a insulated jacket.
·    Optical Cable – These are used in the protection of the fiber-supporting jackets.

Applications Of Cable Wires
The major use of the Cable Wires is in the transmission of the electric currents. Used in households and offices, these Cable Wires can be installed underground as well. The Cable Wires are also used for purposes like wiring of aircrafts, submarines and other complex equipment. Cable Wires are extensively used in the world of computers as well.

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