Applications Of Coaxial Cables

The Coaxial Cables are one of the simplest cables available in the market and the basic use of these cables is in the transmission of electric energy or signals and connecting of a source to a load. Also called coax, these Coaxial Cables are among the most basic and simple-to-understand cables. The Coaxial Cables have 2 conductors – namely the center and outer conductors that form concentric cylinders and these conductors are separated by dielectric material. The dielectric material should have stable electrical characteristics across a broad frequency range.

The center conductors are generally solid or seven-stranded and are made of copper in the pure form or plated copper with the plating being done by silver and tin. Some other materials include copper clad steel and copper clad aluminum. The outer conductors are made of a combination of small aluminum and copper conductors. The dielectric material in the Coaxial Cables is made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

Applications Of Coaxial Cables
The Coaxial Cables are widely used in a large number of applications and are known for their efficiency and excellent performance. Some of the applications of the Coaxial Cables are as follows:
·    Coaxial Cables are used for the video distribution purposes. These cables provide accurate CATV signals as well as digital signals for the post-production studio.
·    The strength as well as excellent electrical performance of the Coaxial Cables makes them highly suitable for the different applications across the industry.
·    The good power handling capacity and minimum attenuation, offered by the Coaxial Cables, make them ideal for outdoor use.
·    Coaxial Cables are also used for two-way communication and data transmission purposes.
·    Another use of the Coaxial Cables is in the instrumentation or cable purposes as well as the microwave and RF transmission.
·    The Coaxial Cables are also used extensively in the wireless and antennae applications.

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