Premium Quality XLPE Cables For Better Connectivity And Safety

Power Cable Manufacturers

Top manufacturers of XLPE cables use the latest technology in order to produce these special cables. Excellent grade materials and cooper are being utilized to maintain flexibility and resistance. These cables are used for many purpose and particularly in the IT industry due to its unique properties. The demand for such cables are high and it requires ardent hard work and precision to manufacture these. Reputed manufacturers in Delhi have specialized manufacturing units which produce mass of the item.

XLPE cables, also called Cross-linked Polyethylene have the unique feature of excellent insulation in terms of electrical properties. Low dielectric constant is a stable dielectric constant over all frequencies, and very high insulation resistance. When it comes to flexibility, polyethylene can be rated stiff to very hard, depending on molecular weight and density (low density being the most flexible). It is also moisture resistance and rated excellent amongst all cables. Black and specially formulated colored versions have excellent weather resistance.


Reputed manufacturers like Relemac Cables have top of the line manufacturing units that use the latest engineering and innovative techniques to produce XLPE cables. In Delhi, the demand for such cables is too high and companies thrive on this fact that quality cables are readily sold as soon as they roll out of the factories.

Being moisture resistant, the cables have extended longevity and the use of materials to produce it are also not affected by moisture. Being largely utilized in the IT and electronics sector, the cables connect to a lot of devices and give them power and connectivity. Companies like Relemac Cables ensure that only tested and superior quality material are used in the manufacturing process so that they are not too delicate and can withstand natural wear and tear and not affected by harsh climates.


Always remember that choose only premium quality products as such cables can withstand the test of time and remain in working condition even when roughly utilized. Such cables, if not chosen from a particular brand can also affect the device it is connected to.

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