What is the meaning of those colours given to electricity wiring at your home?

Flexible Electric Cable

Have you ever thought why the colour red, black, and green is given to the electrical wires at your home?

There is a purpose hidden behind every colour given to the electricity wires. It’s the colour that determines what the sole purpose of the wire used for wiring and electrical appliances.

Let’s understand the use of the wires to ensure the proper working of our home appliances:

Red Wire

Red is used for hot wires, where hot means the wire is carrying the power to the premises. It cannot be connected to another red or black wire as they are meant for different purposes. It is connected to the bottom connector of a switch. So whenever you turn it on, it maintains a connection between the electricity and the appliance to run.

Black Wire

Black is meant to leave neutral alongside the red powered cable. It is wired to create a neutral bus bar inside the electrical panel. The black wire can be connected with another black wire as it doesn’t have that current travelling through it. When the switch turns on, the overloaded current flows back through the black wire after giving power to the electric device.

Green Wire

The green wire is called the earthing wire in a circuit. A green wire can be connected to another green wire only. The earthing wire is not meant to support light electrical appliances like electric bulbs, fans, and TVs. It is used to support heavy electrical appliances like ACs ad Geysers.

It is advised to understand the proper mechanism of wires before going practical by yourself. Doing this may result in a serious accident. You can ask a professional first to make you understand about the working of electrical wires.