Construction And Uses Of Flexible Multicore Cables

Coaxial Cables combined in single sheath are called multicore cables. The Coaxial Cables are basically electric cables made of copper wires and are known for excellent flexibility. These Flexible Multicore Cables have changed the scenario of wiring in both industrial and domestic applications. They are mainly used for internal wiring and are extremely safe. Multicore Cables are best suited for control applications and signal transfer as they possess the property of common-mode cancellation. In addition to this, varied other features have made Flexible Multicore Cables indispensable produce of technology for a number of households and industrial segments.

Specifics Of Construction Of Flexible Multicore Cable:

  • At the core of the cable, there lie stranded tinned copper wires, which act as conductor.
  • Then comes the insulation made of PVC.
  • The PVC is covered with a layer of polyester tape.
  • After that comes the tinned copper jacket.
  • And at last, the Flexible Multicore Cable has outer PVC covering.

Uses Of Flexible Multicore Cables:

  • Flexible Multicore Cables have high level of insulation to extreme temperatures, therefore are perfect fit for uses in areas prone to fire. They are best suited for equipment, which is flameproof as well as for tools to be used in high heat zones.
  • Flexible Multicore Cables are also widely used as power cords in electrical appliances.
  • Flexible Multicore Cables are safe enough for uses in hi-power appliances such as ovens, air conditioners, etc.

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