Inside Out of Fire Survival Cables

Fire Survival Cables
Relemac Fire Survival Cables

Fire Survival Cables are a special range of product designed to continue operating in the case of fire. However such cables can survive the fire only for a minimum period, these are more Resistant Cables when compared to other cables. Such Fire Resistant Cables are commonly known to be used in fire hazardous factories and offices. They are also included in water spray and mechanical shockers. Such wires are an assembly of many materials such as conductors, wires and rubber coating.

The armour applied over the inner sheath in such cables may consist of galvanized round steel wires or galvanized flat steel strips. Although steel wire are present in the armour for direct burial, more copper wired can be integrated to increase the conductivity of the cable. Armouring is used in a cable as an earth return.


  • These cables can withstand a flame temperature of 750 degree centigrade for 3 hours without any electrical breakdown.
  • Fire cables are designed not to emit toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon oxide within a safe limit.
  • Fire Survival Cables do not propagate flames if in contact with fire.

Typical Application
These Fire Survival Cables are specially designed to maintain operation during as well as after a fire like situation. These cables are generally used in emergency voice communication systems, fire extinguishing systems, sprinklers pumps, control panels and in exit lights of high rise buildings. Such cables have an extreme importance in those devices, which are installed to detect smoke and fire, and in monitoring evacuation.

Fire Cables comprise of a conductor insulated with silicone rubber or mica glass tape. A screening is done with a tape and annealed tinned copper drain wire. The inner sheath is applied over laid up of cores by wrapping of thermoplastic material and finally a PVC Compound is applied over inner sheath. This provided a protective layer in such cables.

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