Fiber Optic Cable Types

A Fiber Optical Cable contains more than one optical fiber. It is basically coated with plastic layer which is contained in a protective tube suitable according to the environment. Here are a few Types Of Fiber Optic Cables –

  •      Simplex Cable– There is a single strand of fiber which is surrounded by a Single strand of fiber surrounded by a 900 um buffer after that a layer of Kevlar and lastly the outer jacket. It is generally available in 2mm or 3mm in plenum or riser jacket. Plenum is stronger while riser cable is more flexible.
  •     Fiber Optic Ribbon– It is a coherent optical fiber bundle in which the arrangement is flat rather than round to give an output in a line. It is available bare and also with plenum jacket or riser jacket.  The ribbon has typically 12 color coded fibers and cables. The jackets are oval on a ribbon cable which can be broken out providing individual single connectors.
  •      Duplex Cable– The concurrent operation of a circuit in both directions within data communications is known as full duplex. The system is called half duplex when it is capable of sending only one transmission at a time. Two single strands are attached at the center surrounded by a 900 um buffer, and then comes a Kevlar jacket and finally the outer jacket. Other types of Fiber Optical Cable are loose tube, distribution and breakout.

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