The Composition Of Power Cables

multicore copper cables

Used for power transmission, a Power Cable is formed with two or more electrical conductors that are united together with a covering. The construction of Power Cables in recent times has altered quite a bit. The need for the redesign came from the change in power supply needs in different sectors. Today, Power Cables of all sizes, colors and materials are available in the market. And all of these Cables can be used for specific power transmission applications in domestic and larger level electric systems.

The structure of a standard Power Cable is divided into three main components, namely conductors, insulation and the protective jacket. The exact composition of these three parts depends on the specific application the cables are designed for. The factors that affect the kind of construction to be in a particular way are:

  • The working voltage, which determines the thickness of the insulation.
  • The capacity of the cable that determines the size of the conductor, in terms of the cross sections.
  • The external surrounding conditions like temperature, water or moisture, amount of exposure to chemicals or sunlight, and the amount of mechanical impact; these together determine the construction or exact size and type of the outer jacket.

The materials mostly used for the construction of Power Cables are metallic (aluminum or steel). As well, the inner conducting cables are made of stranded copper or aluminum. These conductors are bunched in an orderly manner inside the protective jacket, which could be shaped in a flat or rounded pattern.

Apart from the basic components mentioned above, there are hundred different materials that are used as sheaths, layers, coverings, etc., with cables of different voltage capacities or area of installation, i.e., underground or over ground. Power Cables are also made available in fire-resistant, heat resistant, moisture-resistant materials, so as to serve in extreme temperature and weather conditions as well.

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