Cable Selection Considering Over Current and Electric Shock

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A sound Electric System depends on amounts of electric current, proper installation and above all, the installation of right wires and cables to support the flow of electric current. In order to make the wiring setup compact and resistant to failures, one needs to use secure and dependable Cables.

The common problems, which electric systems usually experience, occur due to overload of current or a short circuit. Since keeping the electric current at a particular level is not always possible, it is advisable that Wires and Cables be carefully selected, when getting them installed in overload or short circuit prone areas. There are certain parameters on which, one can judge the feasibility of installing a particular set of cables.

How To Choose Suitable Cables?

  • The Cables chosen should be resistant to overheating. This will ensure that the cables do not set on fire or cease to work at high temperature levels. Standard PVC insulated cables are designed to run at temperatures up to 70° C.
  • Also, in order to avoid power cuts owing to short cuts, it is necessary to ensure that the cable is infused with sufficient and good quality earthing. This enables faults to trip the MCBs or fuse for a short while, and protect the safety of people around the board, by limiting voltage.
  • The frequent trouble that arises in case of wiring systems is overloading. Overloads occur due to the use of heavy duty appliances with insufficient power supply, or by using too many appliances at the same time. Such a condition can lead to anything from electric shocks, power cuts stretched over long durations and to major fires. The Cables that are selected should ideally be designed to stay safe from all of these dangers.

Since electric cables have become almost a necessity in all sectors including the domestic and industrial sectors, today, there have been new developments in the designs of various cables and wiring systems as well. Cables available today are designed using heat resistant and fire resistant materials, and are available in a plethora of technical specifications.

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