Selection Of Power Cables

As is evident by what they are called, Power Cables are used to transmit power. The specialty of Power Cables is that due to their protective sheath they can far effectively withstand conditions like extreme low or high temperatures, heavy pulling or tugging, chemical vapors, etc. By and large, the Power Cables are available in a range of specification for particular power transmission application. Therefore, it becomes important that the selection of Power Cables is done with certain considerations in mind.

The Selection Of Power Cables:
Undoubtedly, there are different types of Power Cables available for diverse power transmission applications. In order to ensure that no sudden fire accidents take place, it is important that these cables are purchased only after determining the following factors:

  • Working voltage by checking the thickness of insulation
  • Current-carrying capacity by evaluating the size of conductors
  • Capacity to withstand environmental conditions such as:
    • Temperature
    • Moisture
    • Sunlight or chemical exposure
    • Mechanical impact

On the whole, it is crucial that the selection of Power Cables is done by thoroughly checking the composition and quality of the outer cable jacket. Also, since a large number of Power Cables Manufacturers have mushroomed in the markets these days, it is advisable to approach the genuine one by conducting intense research work.

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