About Power Cables

Power Cables are an assembly of electrical conductors which are held together with an overall sheath. This assembly of conductors is used for transmission of electrical power. Power cables are basically used to extend the distance between an electrically powered item and a power outlet. Electrical power is created in power generation stations and it is sent around through a network of power transmission stations and high voltage power cables. These cables can be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, run overhead, exposed or buried in the ground.

Power cables require high resistance to mechanical wear and tear. They must have the ability to withstand the effects of chemical attack, over voltage, extreme heat and freezing temperatures.

What To Check While Buying Power Cables?

  • The maximum operating voltage that the power cable has to carry is an essential consideration. It is important to ensure that the power cable you are buying is suitable for the application.
  • The insulation jacket is an important component of the power cable. Select what kind of insulating layer will serve your requirements in the best manner. There are several options like PVC, Polyethylene and fire retardant materials, etc.
  • As these cables are available in several lengths, it is important to select the right length according to the requirement. Avoid buying power cables to meet one particular need i.e. purchase a cable length is flexible enough to meet the changing needs.

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