Reliable cable Manufacturers in India

We humans have been making technological advancements with every passing day. As we know electricity, in the present day, is an irreplaceable requirement. Due to this modernization process, automation in this new-age has updated needs. So, in order to excel, every industry requires the absolute best in the technology of cables. There are only a few electrical cable manufacturers in India that can be relied upon for the best quality products at really competitive prices. For both transmission and connectivity, these few companies manufacture a wide range of cables in order to fulfil the varied requirements of the industries. These companies are ISO 9001 certified and are absolute experts in designing various high-end cables for the blue-chip organizations. Most importantly, they are one of the major electrical cable manufacturers in India; they not only supply the products nationally but also export them to various countries.

Products offered
These companies are well known for offering the following products

  • Submersible cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • PVC cables
  • Instrumentation shielded cables
  • Electrical power cables
  • Fibre optical cables
  • Solar cables
  • Structural or LAN cables
  • XLPE cables
  • PVC cables
  • Control cables
  • Industrial cables
  • Telecommunication cables
  • Rubber cables etc.

Making the availability of a huge range of electrical cables and many other kinds and sorts of cables possible, they have become very popular among their clients and are now one of the major industrial electrical cable manufacturers of India. They are so in demand because of the fact that most industries can avail their exact requirement of cables from these companies.

The industries they cater
The requirements of various sectors like telecommunications, oil, petrochemicals, gas, power, cement, railways, fertilizers, steel, medical, electronics, automotive industries are catered by the industrial and domestic products manufactured by these companies.

These companies aim at delivering the best quality products to their clients and work hard to achieve so. Their main strength being the expert team of workers who help in the manufacturing process of the best quality products. They provide custom-made products for clients both nationally as well as internationally. They are well known for their effective and timely delivery of products, irrespective of the location. This is assured due to a well-maintained system of supply chain. Due to these unmatched qualities, these companies have achieved at making a huge client base which includes reputable companies from both the private and the public sector throughout the world.

Using cutting edge technology, Relemac manufacture superior quality Electrical Wires and Cables that include – Building Wire/ Copper Single Multicore Flexible Cable/House Wiring/Domestic Cable, Power Control Cable, Shielded Instrumentation Cable, PTFE/ PTFE Wires, Silicon / EPR / Rubber Cables, Thermocouple Cables. Relemac Technologies  are recognized as one of the highly reliable Manufacturers and Suppliers of these products.