How Power Cables Are Different From Control Cables?

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A wide array of cables especially designed to perform a specific function is used in industries and households. The performance, construction and durability distinguish one cable from another. Power Cables and Control Cables are often confused for one another. These cables do bear certain similarities as both the cables are used in electric utility for indoor and outdoor projects but the differences in nature of both the cables make them distinctive amidst the variety of cables. Unlike Control Cable, Power Cables exhibit unique color code system that makes a distinction between high and low voltage carriers.

Power Cable
Power cable is used to transmit high and low electric power. This cable has thick outer sheath compared to Control Cable. The sturdy external armor enables the transmission of high voltage of power without any obstructions. Power cables can either be exposed or buried deep in the ground. Protective coating on the outer layer of the cable increases its life and also makes it resistant to termites, flame and ultraviolet rays. Power cable is safe and reliable option for direct power supplies. This electric conductor is a popular choice for many industrial applications such as hospitals, commercial centers, ships, airports etc.

Control Cable
Control cable not only conveys electrical power but also measures and regulates it. This cable allows distribution of low voltage signals. The exclusive cable is used to prevent electricity hazards in several places owing to the PVC insulation that shields it from alternate climatic conditions. Endowed with copper conductor, control cables are specifically designed for automation control. These cables cater to the requirements of different sectors like building, construction, data transmission, telecommunications and railways. Control cables can be categorized into two groups: high-flex shielded control cables and standard control cables.

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