What Are The Criteria For Selecting Quality Power Cables

Power Cables have emerged as the most efficient mediums of power transmission in recent times. All public, commercial and domestic establishments make use of these Power Cables, in different forms. With there being a high demand for electricity in all sectors, one can find these Power Cables everywhere. There are different types of Power Cables available today, which is why, it is very important to ensure that one buys the right kind depending upon the requirement. There are other factors that require serious consideration & research before one sets out to buy Power Cables.

Criteria For Selecting Quality Power Cables

  • What Kinds Of Power Cables Are Required For The Application?

As mentioned earlier, Power Cables are of numerous kinds. There are instrumentation cables, underground power transmission cables, Power Cables used in telecommunications, and many more. It is very essential to ensure that the Power Cable one is buying is appropriate for the application for which it is to be utilized. For instance, if one is buying Power Cables for below-the-ground power transmission, ensure that the cable selections made have properties like corrosion resistance, ability to withstand high temperature & pressure, etc. If the Power Cables being bought are to be used in aerial power transmission applications, ensure that they have high mechanical strength, & possess enough strength to handle climatic turbulences, etc. Similarly Power Cables being used for underwater applications should have high resistance to corrosion.

  • Are The Power Cables Needed For Long Distance Applications Or Short Distance Applications?

Whether the Power Cable one needs is for long distance or short distance applications also have a say in the buying decision.

  • What Kind Of A Conductor Does The Power Cable Has?

While buying Power Cables, it is important to consider what kind of conductor the cables use. Aluminum conductors are best for Power Cables which are to be used for aerial power transmission, as Aluminum is light weight. Similarly copper is expensive, so proper thought should be given if cables are needed for long distance installations as it could turn out to be a costly affair.

Other criteria that matter when buying power cables are – the size of the cable, the voltage grade it can handle, the credentials of the Power Cable Manufacturer, etc.

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