Introduction of Aerial Bunched Cables

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Aerial Bunched Cables

Aerial Bunched Cables can be in a simple language called a cross between Multi Core Power Cables and Bare Transmission/Distribution Conductor. The Cables consist of three major components:

  1. Phase Conductor: These are Aluminium conductors insulated with XLPE or LDPE. These may be of Single, Two, or Three Phase as per the requirement of the circuit.
  2. Messenger: Messenger or the strength member of the cable is made from Aluminium Silicon and Magnesium Alloy. This is a single conductor which may or may not be insulated. All the cores of the cables are twisted around it and it bears the weight of the complete cable that is why it is termed as the Strength Member of the cable.
  3. Street Lighting Conductor: This is an optional entity depending upon the circuit requirement. It consists of an Aluminium Conductor insulated with XLPE or LDPE.

Aerial Bunched Cables are gradually finding more and more acceptance as the Electricity Distribution Discoms are trying to find ways of reducing their distribution losses. The insulated Phase conductors do not allow pilferage of Electrical Energy through wiretaps as was the case in bare distribution conductors. Secondly, the insulation protects the conductors from shorting during windy climate and thereby ensuring a continuous supply of electrical power. Thirdly, no major infrastructure is required to lay these cables.

Aerial Bunched Cables find acceptability is areas of dense population, inaccessible areas like hills or congested by-lanes, and any other area where small community transmission is to be provided with less input cost.

Aerial Bunched Cables have proved their worth in a very short span of time that they have been in use. Relemac is amongst the pioneers of Aerial Bunched Cables. It has been amongst the highest suppliers of these cables to practically every discom of India. Untiring efforts towards quality and prioritizing production to achieve delivery targets has led to Relemac being recognized as one of the most reliable suppliers amongst the discoms as well as major EPC Contractors.

Remember Relemac is the second name of Reliability & renowned LT aerial bunched cables manufacturers from Haryana India. The world has been totally dependent on electricity since the beginning of the era of technology. The more he utilized it, the more he got used to it and this led to some far adverse issues. However, improper distribution of energy gave rise to adversity and there rose a need to find sufficient land to distribute electricity without obstructions. As a medium to counter-attack improper distribution and transmit energy to far-off places aerial cables were invented.